Charming’s Most Wanted Ep 6 ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Podcast — ‘A Mother’s Work’

Sons of Anarchy came to a close on Tuesday night with one of the most shocking episodes of the entire series and we break everything down on the latest edition of ‘Charming’s Most Wanted’….

It was one of the most shocking season finales in the history of ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ but master storyteller Kurt Sutter left our collective jaws on the floor when he closed out season six on Tuesday night in an episode titled ‘A Mother’s Work’.

Now the definitive ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ podcast — Charming’s Most Wanted — breaks down everything that happened in the episode while we also look forward to what comes next for our favorite outlaws in SAMCRO

— Who made it out alive and how will the club move on from this latest tragedy?

— What’s next for Juice?

— How will Nero’s new relationship put him at odds with the Sons in season 7?

— Most shocking death in the history of Sons of Anarchy?

We’ve got it all covered as we talk the Sons of Anarchy season six finale on ‘Charming’s Most Wanted’. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes as well!

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