Charming’s Most Wanted ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Podcast Ep 2 — ‘Los Fantasmas’

Charming’s Most Wanted, the definitive Sons of Anarchy podcast, returns with the latest episode discussion Sons of Anarchy season 6, episode 8 ‘Los Fantasmas’…

The best Sons of Anarchy podcast on the internet is back with a new episode discussing the latest episode ‘Los Fantasmas’ with hosts Damon Martin and Michael Stets.

In the latest episode we discuss everything from this week’s Sons of Anarchy

How far will District Attorney Patterson go to get to the Sons?

Does Juice have a death wish?

Will Tara’s plan unravel in just a matter of weeks?

All this plus an all new ‘Sutter said WTF?” plus a new ‘Before They Were Sons’ featuring Happy himself David LaBrava

This is Charming’s Most Wanted featuring the latest Sons of Anarchy episode ‘Los Fantasmas’

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