Jar Jar Binks Fate Finally Revealed in New ‘Star Wars’ Novel

The fate of Jar Jar Binks has been added to a new ‘Star Wars’ novel that picks up after the end of ‘Return of the Jedi’…

As Disney continues to rewrite and reform the ‘Star Wars’ canon now that they own the property, a trilogy of books written by Chuck Wendig have explored what happened between the end of ‘Return of the Jedi’ and the beginning of ‘The Force Awakens’.

The final novel in the series titled ‘Aftermath: Empire’s End’ not only bridges that time gap between the two films but also gives an update on an infamous character from the ‘Star Wars’ prequels.

Yes, we finally know what happened to Jar Jar Binks.

Quite possibly the most annoying and hated character in ‘Star Wars’ history has been given a final chapter after last appearing in ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’. Jar Jar Binks first appeared in ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ and he seemed to be George Lucas’ best attempt to make us all hate the Ewoks a little less so in that case consider it mission accomplished.

In reality, Jar Jar Binks ultimately became a symptom of the bigger problem with those ‘Star Wars’ prequels — they all pretty much sucked.

Adding in Jar Jar was really just a garnish on a big shit sandwich but either way the bumbling Gungan, who inadvertently proposed the vote that handed ultimate power over to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine that helped lead to the downfall of the Republic, was just one of many reasons fans grew to hate this character over the years.

Now years later, we’ve learned that Jar Jar Binks was once again banished from his homeland after playing his part in the destruction of the Republic while essentially handing over absolute control to Palpatine, who later became the Emperor.

In ‘Aftermath: Empire’s End’, Jar Jar is back on Naboo where he acts as a clown for children in the street while still living with the fate of his actions that helped to lead to the Republic crumbling. An excerpt from the book shows exactly what kind of mood Jar Jar is in these days while doing his best to entertain children as a street performer.

“Jar Jar makin some uh-oh mistakens,” the Gungan says, explaining why he isn’t wanted anywhere either. “Desa hisen Naboo tink I help the uh-oh Empire.” He stares into the distance, suggesting he knows more than he’s saying.

In other words, Jar Jar’s life ended up in exile acting only as a street clown these days as he was shunned by his people for his actions that helped lead the Empire to wield power over the entire galaxy. Much like his character in the ‘Star Wars’ movies — Jar Jar is entertainment for children, but largely ignored by the adults on Naboo.

Unless there’s more to this story, that brings to an end the goofy and clumsy Jar Jar Binks — arguably the worst character in ‘Star Wars’ history (unless you count some of the characters in the ‘Star Wars Christmas Special’ but that’s an entirely different story all together).

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