Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’: First Full Trailer Debuts as the Final Defender Arrives (VIDEO)

Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ will debut on March 17 and now we’ve got the first full length trailer…

Danny Rand is dead.

Well that’s what everyone in the world believes to be true after Danny and his parents went down in a plane crash and he disappeared for several years.

In reality, Danny had been training martial arts under some legendary instructors after he was the lone survivor of the plane disaster and now he’s returning home to Rand Industries to reclaim his family’s business.

Unfortunately, Rand Industries has fallen into some very shady hands and that leaves Danny and his new mystical power as ‘Iron Fist’ to take back what’s his.

The first full length trailer for Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ has finally arrived as the last Defender debuts with that limited series set for release later this year.

Take a look at the trailer and get ready for ‘Iron Fist’ on March 17 when all 13 episodes drop on Netflix.

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