Sons of Anarchy May Receive Extended Final Season in 2014

Charlie Hunnam teases that the final season of Sons of Anarchy may get an extended run beyond 13 episodes…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Sons of Anarchy fans have known since the first day the show aired that creator Kurt Sutter had seven total seasons in mind for the outlaw biker drama.

‘Hamlet on Harleys’ was the concept of the show, but it’s doubtful back when it started that Sutter or anyone else involved could have predicted that Sons of Anarchy would go on to become FX’s most popular and highest rated show in history.

That said, as season six rolls on Tuesday night, the penultimate season will lead to 2014 and the final year for Sons of Anarchy.

There is a possible silver lining to the final season, however, because there may be more Sons of Anarchy than usual in season 7.

Actor Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax Teller on the popular show, recently spoke to E! where he revealed how the cast and crew from Sons of Anarchy have truly become family to him, and the difficulty of saying goodbye next year.

He did reveal that there are talks ongoing about possibly extending out the final season of Sons of Anarchy to a few more episodes than the normal 13 episode run that they’ve had in the past.

“It’s obviously going to be a really emotional time for us. We are like a family and have become very, very close and become dear friends to each other so it’s going to be sad and finish up and say goodbye to everyone, but we’ve got like 13, maybe even a few more, episodes,” Hunnam said.

“There’s rumor that we might do a couple of more episodes and do a little bit of an extended season next year, so we will see if that happens. It may or it may not. But I just want to finish that strong and go on to a new chapter of life.”

The current season of Sons of Anarchy has already seen numerous extended episodes, going beyond the 60-minute schedule for the show’s airing time. In the past, FX has allowed the popular program to have a few special 90-minute episodes throughout the course of the season, but thus far in season six every episode has gone well over 60 minutes.

Tuesday night’s episode ‘Sweet and Vaded’ will be a 75-minute episode after last weeks offering was a special 90-minute episode.

As the popular FX series winds down, a final season pushing beyond 13 episodes would certainly give Sutter time to finish telling his odyssey and fans more time to appreciate the outlaw biker drama before saying goodbye at the end of the year.

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