‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Distant Sun’: Bounty Hunted

In the latest ‘Supergirl’ recap, Kara faces off with bounty hunters sent after her as the Daxamite royals try to get Mon-El to return home with them…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

There’s just something about Kevin Smith directing episodes of ‘Supergirl’ or ‘The Flash’ that end up as the strongest of the entire season.

The latest offering from the ‘Clerks’ creator is no exception as ‘Distant Sun’ was definitely a highlight during season 2 as Kara and Mon-El are forced to go up against the Daxam royal family in a fight that may result in an all out war for planet Earth.

Mon-El’s parents arrived a week ago with one very simple request — they want to rebuild Daxam and they want their son by their side while doing it. Of course, Mon-El refused the request because he’s built a new life for himself on Earth along with a woman he loves in Kara Danvers aka Supergirl.

This week’s episode shows that Queen Rhea (played by Teri Hatcher) isn’t ready to give up her son so easily to a girl she considers an enemy.

Add to that, Maggie and Alex endure a little dating drama with an ex-girlfriend shows up in town and reveals some secrets from the past.

Plus a revelation about President Marsdin that shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise but still could send shockwaves when everybody finds out that she’s not the All-American she’s pretending to be.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘Distant Sun’…

Bounty Hunted

After a brief break up and reconciliation, Mon-El surprises Kara with breakfast in bed, but their happy morning is broken up when an alien attacks National City. Supergirl leaps into action and defeats the destructive alien, but it’s what the team at the DEO finds out afterwards that’s so upsetting.

It turns out the alien was carrying a message with a bounty on Supergirl’s head with enough money up for grabs to buy a planet so somebody really wants her dead. J’onn orders that she sit on the sidelines for at least 24 hours while they try to figure out the person behind this bounty.

Mon-El immediately assumes it’s his parents who have put a price on his girlfriend’s head but after meeting with them on Earth they deny any wrong doing. J’onn would love to investigate them further, but he receives strict orders from President Marsdin that there is to be no interference with the Daxam ship whatsoever.

When a second bounty hunter shows up — this time with mind control, which he uses to force Mon-El to fight Supergirl — the team realizes that things aren’t going to get any better until they find the source behind all of this. Supergirl eventually gets the better of the mind control alien before locking him up in the DEO.

There J’onn uses his own mind control powers to force the alien to reveal the benefactor behind the bounty and as everyone guessed it’s the Daxam royal family.

Mon-El is equal parts angry and worried because his parents not only lied to him but he also knows what they are capable of doing. He suggests leaving the planet so they can never find him, but Kara insists on another meeting with his mother to give her a chance to understand that he’s truly happy here.

Queen Rhea agrees to the meeting at the Fortress of Solitude but it’s clear she’s not showing up to listen to her son’s request. Instead, Rhea demands that Mon-El return home with her before springing a pair of kryptonite sais that she uses against Supergirl. Remember, Daxam was nearly obliterated when Krypton exploded, which means the entire planet is littered with shrapnel with remains from the once great planet.

After stabbing Supergirl in the leg, Mon-El finally concedes to his mother’s wishes and says he’ll return home to Daxam so long as she promises to call off the bounty and leave his girlfriend alone. Mon-El gives Kara one last tear filled kiss before returning to the Daxam ship where he will soon fly back home with his parents.

The History of You

Alex and Maggie — after leaving a class at “Yoga Hosiers”, a nod to director Kevin Smith — they run into a woman named Emily. She just happens to be Maggie’s ex-girlfriend, who she dated for five years before a bad breakup.

It’s an awkward encounter but Alex can see that Maggie would like the chance to seek closer with her ex so she invites Emily out to dinner with the two of them later that night. Emily accepts but then fails to show and that forces Maggie to tell Alex that they had a very bad breakup that ended with her ex-girlfriend saying some really nasty things to her before making a hasty exit.

When Alex runs into Emily the next day, she confronts her about skipping out on dinner and for the mean things she told Maggie when they broke up. That’s when Emily reveals that their relationship ended because Maggie cheated on her.

So Alex finally sits Maggie down to get the truth and that’s when she realizes a pattern that’s developed with her girlfriend. Maggie first lied about the way her parents reacted when she came out to them and it’s been the same cycle ever since. Alex tells Maggie that after that bad experience with her parents, she’s been shielding herself from potential harm by lying to the people she loves the most.

Alex reassures Maggie that no matter what she’s going to love her and there’s no need to lie to cover up something bad that happened. Sanvers is back on track and remains the best couple in National City.

Storm the Castle

When Kara returns home after fighting with Queen Rhea, she explains how Mon-El was forced to go home with his parents against his will. Unfortunately, J’onn refuses to engage with the Daxamites due to orders from the president.

Kara finally convinces him that this is the right thing to do even if the president can’t understand why. So with some help from a repaired portal generator from the episode where the team traveled to Slaver’s Moon, they prepare to go after the Daxam ship in an effort to retrieve Mon-El.

On board the ship, Mon-El has continue to resist his parents and even tries to convince his father that a dictatorship may not be the best way to rebuilt Daxam. Perhaps a more democratic approach would help revive the planet because that’s exactly how he intends to rule once he’s king.

That earns him a slap from his mother, who then puts her own son in a jail cell where he’ll sit on the four year long ride back to Daxam so he can remember what made their planet great again. The move upsets Mon-El’s father, who realizes that Rhea was the one who put the bounty out on Kara despite never bothering to tell him about.

Before the ship can get away from Earth, Rhea and Lar Gand receive some visitors — namely Supergirl, who has come to retrieve her boyfriend. When Rhea’s kryptonite fails to work on her, Supergirl melts away and it’s revealed to actually be J’onn J’onzz, who proceeds to kick everybody’s ass on board.

Meanwhile, Winn shows up out of the portal to rescue Mon-El — along with a great line about how he’s too short to be a Stormtrooper, which was a very nice nod to ‘Star Wars’ — before freeing him from the jail cell.

Back on the main deck, the guards start to get the better of J’onn, which forces Supergirl to spring into action and go into the portal herself. A massive fight ensues between J’onn and Supergirl against Rhea, Lar Gand and the rest of the Daxamite soldiers.

Finally when Mon-El reappears after he’s freed, he tells his parents that he’s not going anywhere with them and he’s going to return home with Kara and his new family. Lar Gand agrees to let him go and they all travel back through the portal to return to Earth, much to the chagrin of Queen Rhea.

Death in the Family.

Back on Earth, Mon-El is happy to be by Kara’s side after believing he would never see her again. The happy couple celebrates the victory but it might be short lived given what’s waiting for them when the Daxam ship returns to Earth.

J’onn gets into a heated encounter with the president over his decision to launch an assault on the Daxam ship despite her direct orders. Ultimately she tells him that she’ll have to think about what to do with him after this altercation but when President Marsdin turns off the communicator, she fades from a human into some kind of alien. Perhaps, President Marsdin comes from a race that fears Daxam and that’s why she’s so unwilling to engage them? Or perhaps she serves the Daxamites?

Finally on board the ship, Lar Gand is ready to return home without his son, but Rhea isn’t giving up without a fight. After embracing her husband, Rhea shoves a dagger through his heart while telling Lar Gand that he’s no longer the man she loved. As he falls dead on the ground, Rhea turns her sights back to Earth because if she can’t have her son then no one will.

‘Supergirl’ is off for the next few weeks but returns with brand new episodes on Monday night, April 24.

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