‘True Blood’ Karma Recap: It’s All Sookie’s Fault

Sookie discovers that she’s the reason Bill is dying right now while Eric teams up with a former enemy to track down the woman responsible for killing his sister…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

If there’s been one shining truth through every season of ‘True Blood’ thus far it’s that Sookie Stackhouse makes some of the worst decisions in the history of television, not to mention her plans that usually go awry and end up costing somebody or a lot of somebodies their lives when everything is finished. It was pointed out that Sookie’s idea to lure the Hep-V vampires into a fairy trap earlier this season was inevitably doomed to fail and sure enough it did, but the ramifications of that choice were further reaching than anything she could even fathom until this week’s episode.

Bill Compton has been diagnosed with the Hep-V virus and without mincing words, it’s all Sookie’s fault.

If you can remember back a couple of episodes where Sookie cuts her own arm to let out the hint of some fairy blood, which is like the smell of sex wrapped up in fresh baked cookies to a vampire and the result is supposed to be all of the infected vampires show up, kidnap her, Bill tracks her location and the healthy vamps stomp out the black plague of Bon Temps. Instead, the infected vamps out smart Sookie (shocker there) and a battle ensues, which results with her getting covered in dead vampire juice when a couple of them explode amidst the chaos. Needless to say their blood dripped into Sookie’s cut — didn’t your health teacher ever tell you anything about open wounds?!?

Jessica overhears Bill telling his lawyer that he’s Hep-V positive and he needs to get all his affairs in order, but when she confronts him with a chance to confess, he just mumbles off and says he has some business to tend to. Jessica’s only recourse is to call on Sookie and share the news with her, but that’s when she realizes that when Bill fed from her after the vampire attack, she was basically handing him a death sentence. Sookie is devastated and asks Jason to take her to a local clinic to get tested to see if she has the Hep-V virus, already knowing the answer before the blood hits the slide and goes under the microscope. Bill is dying and there’s nothing Sookie can do to save him.

Do They Serve Lawyers in Hell?

Bill’s decision to get his affairs in order before he meets the true death seems like a responsible thing to do. The only problem is the waiting room to see the lawyer looks like the same one in ‘Beetlejuice’ and the vampires all sitting and bleeding from the ears don’t look much better than the one poor bastard floating through on a zipline who got run over by a truck. Bill sits as patiently as he possibly can, but when he glances down at his arm and notices the blackened veins are not only showing up, but he can literally see them spreading he knows something is terribly wrong, but he also knows he doesn’t have much time left.

When he finally sits down with the lawyer, she reveals that legally he has no recourse to leave his estate to Jessica under new rules passed by Governor Burrell before his untimely death (aka Bill ripping his head off last season). The only choice he has is to actually adopt Jessica and then hand her the family fortune. The problem is this takes the better part of a year to happen and with the grape Kool-Aid flowing in Bill’s veins, he knows he probably won’t be around in three months much less a year. The attorney does have another solution — surely the former vampire god who wrote a book recently would have some payoff cash just lying around?

For $10 million, she’ll slip his file to the top of the list and he’ll have his adoption in no time. Bill is none too impressed with her act of extortion so he kills her with a letter opener before using a sharpened No. 2 pencil to take out her vampire bodyguard. Bill’s options aren’t many right now and when he returns home, he opens the door to see a sad, doe eyed Sookie and Jessica awaiting his arrival and immediately he knows they are aware of what’s ahead for him.

Sookie’s plan this season already resulted in getting Alcide shot and killed and now it seems that same course of action is going to claim Bill as well. It’s a good thing Eric didn’t show up at that point or he’d probably be dead already. Sweet and bubbly or not, Sookie is like a curse on any man that falls into her bed, but she never does anything with malicious intent in her heart. Still as the old saying goes the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

A Woman Scorned

True Blood Karma Jessica

Last week, Jason and Jessica fell back into each other’s arms after each found their actual significant others to be less than what they expected them to be. James was really a homosexual posing as Jessica’s boyfriend while Jason realized his girlfriend Violet was a cold, calculating killer and not someone that would ever provide him with a real life or home when he was ready to settle down. Unfortunately for Jason, Violet heard him in the throws of passion with Jessica and it appeared things were about to go very much downhill for the most eligible bachelor in Bon Temps history.

But when Jason arrives home, Violet isn’t waiting to rip his heart out and show it to him while it’s still bleeding. Quite the opposite actually — she’s there to remind him of how good things can be between them and how she neglects sometimes when telling him constantly how he belongs to her that she also belongs to him. They do the dirty and it seems Violet has won her man back, but when Jason gets a call from Jessica about Bill he goes running.

In a fit of rage, Violet destroys their bedroom before leaving him an ominous note just saying that things aren’t working out and she’s had enough of their relationship. Because that actually happens (note the thick sarcasm here ).

Meanwhile over at the Bellefleur estate, Andy catches his daughter and Holly’s son in the midst of some step-sibling sex, which of course throws him into a fit of rage. Holly’s none too happy with Andy’s anger, but cooler heads eventually prevail and they both agree it’s probably not a good look for the Brady Bunch to start turning into the Brady Bunch XXX with step sisters boinking step brothers. When Andy and Holly arrive home to confront the teens, they’ve disappeared to Fort Bellefleur for some private time.

Before they can get there, however, Violet shows up and acts as sweet as apple pie offering to protect the young lovers because Adilyn smells like sex wrapped up in a fresh baked cookie and it’s dangerous out there for her. She leads the young couple back to a ‘safe’ hiding place while asking them to ditch their phones.

I’m assuming Violet targeted Adilyn because she’s protected by Jessica, who is of course screwing Jason. My guess is once Adilyn goes into a panic, Jessica will come running and Jason will be forced to watch his little ginger peach die in front of his eyes. Again, just a guess but that seems like a logical choice, no?

Seeing Things

The throw away moment in this episode came thanks to Lafayette and Lettie May, who decided to go on a V trip together just so he can convince his aunt that Tara isn’t really alive and stuck in purgatory.

Well it takes all of about five seconds of tripping before both of them see Tara on the cross, wrapped in albino snakes. A few moments later she’s running away until she reaches the childhood home she grew up in with her mother. Then ghost Tara stars digging holes in the yard until Reverend Daniels shows up and pulls them out of their shared experience together. Lettie May begs to go back and even Lafayette believes her at this point, but Reverend Daniels wants nothing more to do with this voodoo garbage.

Even in death, Tara remains the cast member who just won’t go away. And now she’s dragging down even more characters with her. Let’s get back to the Lafayette and James story line and just forget that Lettie May somehow stuck around for the past six seasons. Tara’s gone — she should have been gone two seasons ago but the producers just couldn’t pull the trigger (even though she got shot in the head!). Now she’s actually gone and still we can’t move past her character.

Safest Place on Earth

Bill Compton True Blood Karma

The other throw away story this week featured Nicole deciding to leave Bon Temps for good and urging Sam to come with her and start fresh with their new family in a different town that just can’t help but to raise the death toll on an hourly basis it seems. Sam can’t envision life away from Bon Temps because it’s the place where he feels safe.

Let that one sink in for a minute — Bon Temps is Sam’s idea of the safest place on Earth.

The Bon Temps newspaper is just a weekly obituary column, but Sam feels cozy and warm so he’s staying while his girlfriend and kid are heading off to live with her mother, far, far away from the boundaries of this small town in Louisiana.

The Cure

Back at the Yakonomo Corporation, Eric tries valiantly to fight off his attackers after the gala was ransacked by the Crazy 88’s and Sarah Newlin’s parents were murdered. In his weakened states, he can only offer up so much resistance before he is captured, locked in silver and put in front of a very large window with a clock nearby counting down the hours until the sun rises. Unfortunately that will turn Eric and Pam into a pile of ash.

Just minutes before meeting the sun, a Japanese man enters the room rocking a suit we can only assume he stole from Tubbs’ wardrobe department over at ‘Miami Vice’, a cowboy hat and a name like Mr. Gus, Jr. Well, Mr. Gus has no desire to see Eric and Pam fry up like eggs, but he needs information on where to find Sarah Newlin. You see, Yakanomo’s entire functionality was providing True Blood to vampires. If the fake blood is infected and that’s why all the vampires are dying, it’s safe to say the Yakanomo corporation isn’t going to be making much money these days.

So Mr. Gus, Jr. wants information on how to find Sarah Newlin and for that they gain their freedom. Following some dick measuring contests, Pam convinces Eric to help on one condition — he gets to be the one to kill Sarah and hand her body over to the Yakanomo corporation. Deal is made and off they go to Sarah’s sister’s house, the last remaining remnant of her previous life and the only place she could run to right now.

Predictable as ever, Sarah shows up at her sister’s house, but even after explaining how much her life had changed since becoming a Buddhist, Amber isn’t having it. One act of contrition doesn’t undo years of pain she’s caused with her actions. That’s when Sarah drops a convenient bombshell — before Governor Burrell unleashed the Hep-V virus into all the ‘True Blood’ containers, he kept a vile of antidote on site that was never used. Except it was used — by Sarah Newlin when she was running out of the compound after the whole place went to hell in a hand basket.

Sarah offers up her blood to Amber and when Eric and the Crazy 88’s show up to get some questions answered and maybe even dole out a broken neck or two, she opens the door and the traces of Hep-V that were coursing through her veins just a few hours earlier are gone. The Hep-V cure has been found, but it only exists in one person.

Eric grabs Amber by the throat and demands an answer and things go black.

It was obvious that at some point this season there was going to be an antidote to cure the vampires because there was no way the studio was going to allow Eric and Bill to bite the dust. Maybe one, but not the other. Now with Sarah being found to have the cure in her body, how quickly will Eric save himself before ripping her in two and letting the rest of the vampire population lap up whatever happens to fall on the floor in hopes of getting rid of the deadly Hep-V virus? It appears Sarah’s survival is going to last long enough to synthesize a cure, but will they find her in time before Eric dissipates into a big pile of slop?

Tune into the next episode of ‘True Blood’ on Sunday night to find out.

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