WATCH: First Trailer for ‘American Gods’ Arrives from Starz (VIDEO)

The highly anticipated new series ‘American Gods’ has a new trailer just released…

‘American Gods’ — the new series on Starz based on the award winning novel from author Neil Gaiman — will finally arrive on April 30 and the first full length trailer has just been released.

The series follows a man named Shadow Moon, who is released from prison following the tragic death of his wife, and that’s when he meets up with a mysterious new benefactor named Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), who hires him as a bodyguard. Shadow travels around the country with Mr. Wednesday as they encounter all sorts of strange people along the way.

It’s not long before Shadow discovers that Mr. Wednesday is in fact a god and he’s traveling across the United States in an effort to rally the Old Gods, who are quickly losing relevance as people start to believe in them less and less, and he wants them to battle back against the New Gods of America such as Media and Technology.

Take a look at the new trailer below:

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